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Elegant, Compostable, Single-Use Tableware

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Handcrafted by Mother Earth

From collection to manufacturing, our entire process has a minimal environmental impact. We are woman-owned and see women, especially Mother Earth, as our responsibility. maaterra graces tables, and the planet, with beauty instead of waste. 

Design + Sustainability

Design + Sustainability

maaterra provides the sophisticated disposable tableware you always desired without harming the environment. 

Made simply from palm leaves, our plates contain no inks, lacquers, glues, or other toxins. Being 100% compostable, they always return to the earth from which they came.

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maaterra's plates are elegant and versatile. I've used them for so many different occasions, and they hold up! They make my life easier, and they actually look beautiful unlike most of the sustainable, disposable plates I've seen.

Barbara S.
Montauk, NY

"I'm obsessed with maaterra. Finally disposable plates I can use and not feel terrible about what I'm doing to our planet. I'm in love."

Sarah M.
Ketchum, ID

"These plates are the absolute best. I've been searching for the perfect sustainable disposable plate for forever. The ones I've found either look tacky and are eco-friendly or look nice but wreck havoc on the environment. I love these plates because they look sophisticated, AND they don't hurt the earth."

Tara M.
Dana Point, CA
Setting Expectations

Setting Expectations

Our plates are harvested from fallen leaves. We minimize our processing by using heat, steam, and pressure to clean and mold our plates. We use the center portion of the leaf for consistency in tone and thickness but also appreciate that no two maaterra plates are identical. Imperfectly perfect markings and textures are as natural and varied as the earth from which they came. 

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