Eco-Chic Occasions


Picnic tables dressed in a mix of vintage florals and gingham. Enamelware platters ready for the lobsters, clams, potatoes, and corn. Friends add a side dish. A tribe of young children play tag on the beach.  Someone brings a strawberry rhubarb galette. 

maaterra design considerations: My-O, My-O Maillot, Whale Tale, Moon & Stars, Stacked Fish

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Eclectic, unconventional, and unexpected. You set a table with antique vases filled with vibrant dahlias and place a book of poems at everyone’s plate. 

maaterra design considerations: Moon & Stars, Stone Heart, Shade Tree, Hummingbird Wreath.

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Garden Party

A glass house with a pea gravel floor. That rich earthy aroma. So many shades of green. A rusted table transformed by an eyelet tablecloth. Herbs in a collection of terracotta pots gathered as a center piece. 

maaterra design considerations: Shade Tree, Farm Carrots, Hummingbird Wreath, Stone Heart

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Outdoor Wedding

White on white on white, naturally. Bouquets of peonies. Catered, local specialties served family or buffet style. Your vibe is bliss. 

maaterra design considerations: Stone Heart, Hummingbird Wreath, Crossed Arrows, Shade Tree.

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You play horseshoes until the dinner bell clangs. Freshly caught rainbow trout from a nearby river and baked Idaho potatoes. After dinner, you wrap yourself in a blanket and pull up a hay bale to lean against. A friend with a guitar sings Patsy Cline. 

maaterra design considerations: American Bison. Moon & Stars, COOKOUT, Crossed Arrows, Stacked Fish.

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You carry a trestle table into a grassy meadow, cover it with a French linen tablecloth and drape a paisley throw. You clip flowering branches from a local hedgerow and loosely arrange them around a variety of gourds. Voila. 

maaterra design considerations: Shade Tree, Crossed Arrows, Farm Carrots, Stacked Fish.

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