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How can I learn more about maaterra?

The best way is to join our mailing list to get notified about product launches, special offers, and company news. We have a link in the bottom navigation bar of our website to sign up or click HERE. Also, we encourage you to check our blog and to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please get in touch with us at hello@maaterra.com. We will get back to you within 2 business days.

Where can I buy maaterra plates?

Currently, our eco-friendly products are available on maaterra.com and select retailers. Please check out our blog or our Instagram page to learn more about the retailers we are partnering with. If there is an e-commerce site or retailer that you think should sell our products, please let us know at hello@maaterra.com.

I'm a retailer, and I'd like to carry maaterra plates in my store. Can I start a wholesale account?

We offer a wholesale program for qualified retailers, event planners, and caterers. Please contact us hello@maaterra.com to be qualified.

Do you offer custom designs?

We do offer custom designs for our line of eco-friendly tableware. Please contact us hello@maaterra.com to discuss our program including minimum order quantities, lead times, and design set-up fees.

Certifications & Partnerships

Is maaterra a woman-owned brand?

We are certified as a woman-owned business enterprise through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC National Certification Number: WBE2100147). WBENC audits us on an annual basis.

What is maaterra’s partnership with 1% Percent for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions. Since 2017, our company has partnered with 1% for the Planet to give one percent of our gross sales to approved nonprofit partners. We currently use our contribution to offset our carbon footprint. 1% for the Planet's mission is "to bring dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving."

What is the USDA BioPreferred Program certification?

The goal of the BioPreferred Program, managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), is to increase the purchase and use of biobased products. The increased development, purchase, and use of biobased products reduces the nation's reliance on petroleum, increases the use of renewable agricultural resources, and contributes to reducing adverse environmental and health impacts.

The term "biobased product" means that maaterra plates have been certified by the USDA to be a commercial or industrial product (other than food or feed) that is composed, in whole or in significant part, of biological products, including renewable domestic agricultural materials, renewable chemicals, and forestry materials.

Biobased Products are derived from raw materials such as plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. Biobased products generally provide an alternative to conventional petroleum-derived products and include a diverse range of offerings such as lubricants, detergents, inks, fertilizers, and bioplastics.

maaterra plates had their biobased content measured using ASTM D6866 as part of the certification process.

What is the Compost Manufacturing Alliance certification?

Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) is a global leader in providing industrial composting facilities with an acceptance standard for compostables. CMA performs field disintegration testing through several prominent processing methods to ensure eco-friendly products sent to industrial compost facilities adequately break down within the production cycle.

maaterra-certified palm leaf plates meet ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868 standards and passed a disintegration test by composting.


Why did you launch maaterra?

We were bored by poorly designed sustainable and compostable options and frustrated by traditional paper goods. We did not want to compromise any longer.


Why offer a compostable tableware and how long does it take to compost a maaterra plate?

Sometimes you need a single-use eco-friendly option — outdoor dining, wedding, holiday gatherings, backyard barbecue — when you want to focus on your friends and not the dishes. So, we researched disposable options that also had minimal impact. maaterra palm leaf plates offer the most stylish and durable option on the market to glass dishware.

If you do not use oily foods or ones that stain, we encourage you to rinse our plates off and reuse them. Otherwise, dispose of our tableware at an industrial composting facility (click HERE to find your closest CMA affiliate facility) or in your backyard compost pile (we suggest you break them into pieces so they disintegrate more quickly). Ultimately, our plates will return to nature because they are a leaf.

maaterra plates, under the proper conditions, will compost in 60-90 days.

Why are maaterra plates made from palm leaves?

We did significant research before deciding on palm leaves as the solution to better designed, higher functioning, and more sustainable tableware made from other natural resources like bamboo.

maaterra plates are made from fallen palm leaves that are cleaned with water and light and molded with heat. That's all. Our plates come from nature and are returned to nature when properly composted.

What does it mean when you say each maaterra palm leaf plate is “unique”?

We see perfection in the uniqueness of each plate's markings, textures, and tone. “Perfectly imperfect”, or as the Japanese refer to it, Wabi-Sabi (appreciating beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature), is a quality we embrace.

Unlike other disposable and compostable plates, which are processed by breaking down the materials and manipulating them with dyes, glues, and finishes, maaterra opts for the purest, most sustainable processing. While we go through a rigorous process of choosing the most consistent leaves, we also celebrate the idea that no two leaves are created identical. Speckling, striping, and textural variations only add to our designs' unique and natural character. 

Why do some of the maaterra plates have slight creases?

Creases can occur when the water content of the leaf is high due to heavier rainfall during the harvest season.

Are maaterra plates safe to go into the dishwasher?

maaterra plates should never be run in a dishwasher.

Can maaterra plates go into a microwave?

maaterra plates should never go into a microwave.

Can maaterra plates go into oven?

maaterra plates should never go into a microwave.

How do I compost maaterra plates?

Our plates have been certified "composter approved” by Compost Manufacturing Alliance, a leader in creating the most practical model for advancing the use of compostables and their acceptance into industrial compost facilities. Click HERE to find your closest CMA affiliate facility.

Can I use maatera plates more than once?

maaterra plates are designed for single use. In some situations, when no grease, oils, or other food by-products can stain the plates, you may be able to rinse and reuse them.

Order, Billing & Shipping

What credit cards do you accept?

We are able to accept VISA, American Express, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover debit and credit cards.

What other forms of payment can you accept?

We can also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. At this time, we are unable to ship outside the United States.

Please note: we can not be held responsible for lost or stolen items or deliveries. If we receive carrier confirmation of a drop off at your address, we view this as a successful delivery. We do our best to chose safe, reliable shippers and subsidize shipping expense for all customers. But we can't control what happens once a package is delivered to your location and can't be held responsible to replace at our cost. Thank you for your understanding. 

Do your ship to P.O. Boxes?

Yes. We are able to ship to P.O. Boxes.

How long does it take to ship an order?

Shipping takes approximately 6-8 business days once an order is placed.

Is there a shipping and handling fee on orders?

maaterra rates are as follows:
- Under $49.99 --> $5.99
- $50 - $149.99 --> $6.99
- $150 - $299.99 --> $7.99
- Over $300 --> $6.99

What carriers do you use to ship?

Most orders are shipped via UPS and USPS but alternate carriers such as FedEx and DHL may also be utilized if necessary.

Once I place my order, can I change the delivery address?

If you have made an error entering your shipping address or need to make a change, please contact us as soon as possible at hello@maaterra.com.

We work hard to get shipments out quickly, so please reach out as soon as you are aware. If you have not contacted us prior to shipping with an address change, you will have to place another order (or accept the order at the address you originally provided). We will make every effort to ensure the correct delivery of your order.

Once I place my order, can I change my order?

If you would like to change your order, please contact us as soon as possible at hello@maaterra.com. We work hard to get shipments out quickly, so please reach out as soon as possible. If you have not contacted us prior to shipping, we will be unable to accommodate the change. We appreciate your understanding.

How do I use a discount code?

During the check-out process, please enter the code in the box that says “Discount code” and click the “Apply” button. The discount will be automatically applied to the total.

Can more than one discount code be applied to an order?

We only allow for one discount per order.

Can orders be gift wrapped?

Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping. It is a service we hope to provide in the future.

What is your return policy?

maaterra.com has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders. Please contact us at hello@maaterra.com and we will get back to you within two business days. If there is a refund on the order or the product needs to be returned or exchanged, we will process the return or exchange within 3-5 business days. We are fully committed to solving the issue.

What if an item I want is sold out?

Please contact us at hello@maaterra.com and we will let you know when we expect to get it back in stock. If an item has been discontinued, we will suggest an appropriate alternative. We will do our best to accommodate your needs