About Us

I come from a line of women who share a passion for shoes, tableware, and lemon tarts. The privilege of being the oldest granddaughter and daughter was an annual girls' trip to see the gardens, art, and architecture of Europe. While there, we would visit the local shops, artisans, and patisseries. We packed lightly as we always found something too beautiful and unique not to bring home and share with our family. And while the shoes were worn and gone, the plates still grace our tables. As for the perfect lemon tart, we will continue to search.

That was thirty years ago, and since then, our family has grown and grown up.

While we scatter for work and play, meals are when we gather as a family. We set our tables to tell stories: my mother’s silver candlesticks, pottery from a family trip to Tuscany, my Gigi's embroidered white linen tablecloth, hand-dyed napkins made by my daughter, colorful glasses from a cousin, flowers from my husband's garden. Our tables are not only where we eat and converse but also are part of the conversation. 

From a table in the backyard to a picnic on the beach, we decorate the earth with eclectic spreads. As the weather turns, we bundle up and head out to the fire pit with a board of charcuterie and cocktails in mugs. It is these times in nature that inspired the idea for maaterra. The name itself means mother earth, and we honor her because she is our gorgeous host. For her, we make beautiful compostable tableware with the ultimate design: an amalgamation of style, function, and sustainability. 

In partnership with my brother, mentored by my cousin, advised by my father, loved by my husband, encouraged by my children, and always in conversation with my mother, maaterra is a family business. 

Welcome to the maaterra family.