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Set of 8 plates

An eyelet tablecloth, a bouquet of daisies,  a three-layer coconut lemon cake, and a stack of Hummingbird Wreath plates.

Pair with:
Stone Heart
Moon & Stars
Crossed Arrows


  • 6", 8", 10" & 12” circular plates (6" and 8" options are not available for all designs)
  • 100% single palm leaf
  • Sourced in India
  • Designed in Connecticut. Crafted in North Carolina.


maaterra rates: 

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Defined as style, function, and sustainability

maaterra is for those times when you want to show that you're confident in your taste, care about the environment, and want others to be aware and care too.

Our process, from collection through manufacturing to compostability, has a minimal environmental impact. Made from fallen palm leaves which are cleaned with water and light, molded with heat, and etched, our plates are simply a leaf. 


Are maaterra plates compostable?

Yes. maaterra plates have been certified “composter approved” by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance, a leader in creating the most practical model for advancing the use of compostables and their acceptance into industrial compost facilities.

If you are looking for a composting facility, please click HERE.

What does it mean when you say each plate is “unique”?

We see perfection in the uniqueness of each plate. Unlike other disposable plates which go through a process of breaking down the materials and manipulating them with dyes, glues, and finishes in order to form the plates, we opt for the purest, most sustainable processing. While we go through a rigorous process of choosing the cleanest, most consistently colored, minimally marked leaves, we also embrace the idea that no two leaves are created identical.

We see beauty in the uniqueness of each plates marking. Speckling, striping, and changes in texture may appear on a plate. We call the effect, “perfectly imperfect”.

How do you make your plates?

We harm no trees during our process because we harvest fallen leaves. We clean the leaves with water and UV light. We mold them with heat and pressure. We etch them instead of adding inks. And since they are 100% compostable, when you leave your table, you also leave no trace. maaterra plates are simply a leaf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Really love the product!

I used maaterra plates recently with friends and the response was overwhelming positive. They loved the designs and the sturdiness. One comment was that normal disposable plates usually don’t do well holding the food we were eating but the maaterra plates held up great. Many said they would use these at picnics/BBQs/outdoor events, etc. Really love the product.

What a great idea

I had never seen plates like these before until a friend gave them to me as a gift. Terrific.

A cabin staple

The plates work really well with our summer home in Wyoming. Our favorite is American Bison.

A great summertime plate

I used the plates at a recent dinner with friends, and they were the talk of the party. Everyone loved them!

Great gift option

I gifted a set of the plates at a recent summer party and they were perfect.